Monday, 22 August 2011

Facts about the Portuguese Man-of-War

Armed with a multitude of poisonous tenticles, the Portuguese Man-of-War floats aimlessly throughout Nature’s oceans brushing up prey as it goes.

The Portuguese man-of-war is a creature that prefers the warmer waters of the open Atlantic. However, it can happen to be driven inshore by strong oceanic winds, which is why it is seen along the North Atlantic coasts of the Americas, Europe and Africa. Some species live in the Mediterranean.
It relies on its gas-filled float (this is the part above the water), to catch the winds and water currents, and carry it far across the open oceans.
The sting from one of these creatures is not strong enough to kill a human, but can cause severe pain for several days. Not much really! But the Portuguese man-of-war is not just one living organism: it is a colony made up of many individual organisms, each one having a different function.

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  1. Hey you are heading towards having your own "Deadly 60" like on the children's TV programme!