Monday, 22 August 2011

Facts about the Mexican Red-Kneed Spider

Specialized and equipped predator of western Mexico, the Mexican Red-Kneed Spider is able to survive a solitude life waiting patiently for its next meal…

Starting on a conservation level, the Mexican red-kneed spider is a very popular, but unusual pet. Unfortunately though this has led to a loss in local but wild populations.
There is, however, no immediate threat to the species since there are many areas still of Mexico, it’s favourite habitat, undisturbed. As long as it stays this way, this species of tarantula remains safe.
The Mexican red-knee is very fond of wooded, rocky ground on hillsides and close to small streams. It is the western coast of Mexico that has ground like this and is no doubt abundant with these tarantulas.
A spider lives in self-made holes in the ground, earth banks or in crevices under rocks or tree roots, which can be up to 1m long, with the entrance covered in deep leaf litter. Although a Mexican red-knee has been found living in bushes within its own constructed silken nest.

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